Accident/Injury Report

Student Accident and Injury Procedure

Students should be aware that if they sustain an injury while in class or participat­ing in a school-sponsored activity, they must report it immediately to their instructor or supervising authority. The student and the supervising authority must fill out the Student Accident and Injury Report Form and submit a hard copy to the Student Health Services Center within ten days of the injury in order to be properly covered for reimbursable expenses in accordance with policy coverage.

Note: The student accident insurance policy is supplementary to the student’s own personal medical insurance and does not guarantee full coverage.

Employee Accident and Injury Procedure

When an employee sustains any work-related injury or illness, no matter how minor (bumps on the head, cuts, trip and falls, etc.) he/she must report it immediately to their manager/supervisor. If a manager/supervisor is unavailable, it is the responsibility of the employee to report the injury to the Benefits Office.

Employees must also contact the Company Nurse Injury Hotline at (877) 518-6702. Company Nurse provides District employees with 24/7 telephone access to Registered Nurses and medical professionals. 

For more information about workers compensation, visit the Employee Benefits website.