Our Services


The College of Marin Student Health Center provides equitable access to health care and health education; and is a place where students feel safe, respected, and supported in pursuit of their educational goals. 

Our Services 

The Student Health Center is available to all properly registered College of Marin Students. The center is staffed by a Nurse Practitioner and health services assistants who are ready to help students maintain their health. Physician appointments are also available. 

Services Include 

  • First Aid, assessment, treatment, and/or referral for short-term illness and acute health concerns
  • Referral to community providers for a long-term illness
  • Campus health education and prevention outreach programs
  • Free Health Clearance form completions when required for some COM college programs
  • TB assessments and TB tests
  • Free Fentanyl Testing Strips and Narcan with training
  • Selected lab tests, free pregnancy tests
  • Appointments with a licensed healthcare provider
  • Provision of OTC medications, condoms, and feminine products with a disclaimer
  • Referral to College of Marin Psychology or Counseling services and community mental health providers when requested or indicated