The College of Marin Assessment and Testing Center administers placement tests and makeup tests. We provide placement testing for math, English, and credit English as a Second Language (ESL).

The math and English tests are adaptive, computer-based, and generally untimed. Test results are generally available immediately after the test is completed. Math and English placement test scores or their equivalents (such as satisfactory AP test scores, SAT scores, or a completed appropriate course at College of Marin or another college) are required as proof of eligibility for any course that has math or English prerequisites. The placement tests may be taken year-round.

All tests require appointments to ensure available seating. A photo ID and a College of Marin ID number are required for all placement and makeup tests. Students without photo ID will be asked to reschedule. Students who arrive late or miss their appointments may also be asked to reschedule.

Diagnostic testing for math and English is available. Contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment.


EAP Scores — Standard Exceeded Level

The EAP test is embedded in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) 11th grade test of English Language Arts/Literacy and mathematics. These tests are part of California’s public school testing and accountability system and are required of all grade 11 students. CAASPP exams cover both California high school standards as well as the CSU placement standards. Specified levels of these scores indicate meeting CSU standards and those of participating California Community Colleges (“CCC”).

Students allow their results to be released to the California State University or California Community Colleges at the time of taking the test.

Students whose EAP scores indicate “Standard Exceeded” for English Language Arts/Literacy and/or Mathematics are waived from placement tests for English and/or math at the College of Marin. Scores should be submitted to the Admissions & Records office in person along with a completed Prerequisite Equivalency Form, or through their MyCOM Portal for review. Once their scores are evaluated, they may enroll directly into College of Marin college-level English and/or math courses. 

Click here for information on the use of CAASPP EAP results for exemptions and placement into appropriate courses at the community college you plan to attend.