Associated Students of College of Marin

Mission Statement

The Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM) are committed to:

  • Representing students to the college, to the community, and to the legislative bodies
  • Serving as role models while protecting and advancing the rights and interests of students
  • Encouraging education, leadership, and participation in democratic processes
  • Providing information and activities that positively influence campus life, while welcoming diversity and encouraging scholastic success.

The Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM) spring 2018 meetings are held in the ASCOM workroom, Student Services building, room 241, Kentfield Campus.  Day and time for the spring semester will be announced at the beginning of term.  Please check back for details.

Questions?  Please contact:

BOARD Members 2017-2018

President                                              Ismail Azam -
Vice President                                      Mercedes Sosa Cordero -
Treasurer                                              Diana Patricia Mosquera -
Secretary                                              Rhina Servin -
Director of Student Activities             Kahlil Gray -
Director of Student Services              Janelle La Chaux -
Director of Public Relations                Liam Campbell -
Director of Technology                       Aubrey Dougherty -
Student Trustee                                   Amy Diaz -
State Student Senate Represetative  Laurie Pennisi -
Emeritus Representatives                   Kevin Colgate -


Sadika Sulaiman Hara
Director of Student Activities & Advocacy Office (SAA)

Chris Yang
Equity and Activities Program Coordinator, SAA


Vickie Lamke
Administrative Assistant, SAA

Governance Committees - Benefits

Develop Communications

  • Understand the President's goals.
  • Develop model of communication between Student Bodies (ASCOM, ESCOM)

Increase Student Involvement

  • Motivate Participation in Student Activities/Campus Events

Student Services Review

  • Review Bookstore and Text Buying Policy


College Council: Ismail Azam and Mercedes Sosa Cordero
Governance Review Council: Laurie Pennisi
Educational Planning Committee: Amy Diaz
Technology Planning Committee: vacant
Professional Development Committee: vacant
Facilities Planning Committee: Janelle La Chaux
Instructional Equipment Committee: vacant
Planning and Resource Allocation Committee: Josef Rein
Student Access and Success Committee: vacant


Academic Standards Committee: 1 Vacancy
Curriculum Committee: 1 Vacancy
District Modernization Committee:1 Vacancy

To join or receive more information, visit the ASCOM office in Student Services, 241 at KTD or Building 27, 117 off of the Internet Cafe.