Forms and Funding Procedures

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Instructions for completing a Purchase Requisition (PR)  

Purchase Requisitions are for payment to a person in the club or vendor.
  • Request blank Purchase Requisitions (PR) from Student Activities and Advocacy Office, Student Services Building, room 247.
  • On line 1, check ASCOM box or Club Name box and list club name. 
  • On line 2, on “Check Payable To” line, list name of person or vendor receiving the reimbursement, complete the address if sending check or write “Pick Up” and Fiscal Services will deliver check to the Student Activities and Advocacy Office, SS 247. 
  • On line 2, list “Today’s Date” and date the “Minutes were approved”. In order for Fiscal Services to pay the reimbursement, the expense must be listed on ASCOM or Club Agenda’s and approved on the Minutes, under Action Item. List the date minutes were approved and the Action Item number on all PR’s. 
  • All items must be approved by the organizing club.  This must be documented in the Club’s meeting Minutes. 
  • On line 3, list ASCOM or Club “Budget Account” number. These account numbers are listed on the Budget Financials. 
  • On line 4, under “Requested By”, list ASCOM or club name. 
  • Save all original receipts. 
  • All items on receipt MUST be club related. 
  • All receipt must be itemized. Example, if you’re requesting a meal reimbursement, your receipt must list each item you ordered and the price. 
  • NO alcohol beverages permitted. 
  • Fill in “Complete Description “section with exact details of what the reimbursement was for. If it was for a specific event, please list event and date of event. 
  • Complete “Amount” column and “Total” column. 
  • PR’s require 2 signatures, in regards to an ASCOM PR, we need 2 ASCOM Board Members signatures. In regards to a Club PR, we need 1 Club Officer and 1 Club Advisor signature. The Director of Student Activities and Advocacy is the third required signature. 
  • The person being reimbursed cannot sign for their own reimbursement. 
  • ALL completed PR’s must be submitted to the Student Activities and Advocacy Office, SS 247. 

If you have any question, please call (415) 485-9376 or e-mail Nequeshé Dyer at or contact


If original itemized receipts are not submitted, paperwork will not be processed.