Student Clubs

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Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM) and clubs at the College of Marin (COM) are student initiated and run. Involvement outside of the classroom provides opportunities to develop valuable leadership skills, explore areas of interest and passion, and prepare students for transfer to a four year institution, or future career opportunities.  Students learn effective communication skills, cross cultural experiences across populations, how to work with others, and make friends.

Due to COVID-19 guidance, all campus events have been suspended until further notice as to limit in person contact and large gatherings.  We encourage all clubs to set up conference calls to conduct meetings.  If you need support, please contact your advisor or the Office of Student Activities and Advocacy at  Thank you for your cooperation.   

Interclub Council

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is a student run organization that oversees the work and progress of student clubs on Campus and is also an auxiliary committee of ASCOM for this matter. ICC is an open floor for student clubs to be able to collaborate, share ideas, and discuss any other student interest related topics together as a team during the ICC Meetings, in which each student club is represented by an ICC representative that has been elected. ICC aims to serve as a bridge for ASCOM, Clubs, and the student body to have the opportunity to build a community, advocate for students, and improve social life on Campus.

Student Clubs

There are a variety of student clubs at COM, including those that focus on academics, transferring to a college or university, careers, culture/diversity, honor societies, and special interest topics.  

Students who want to start a new club must:  

  • Fill out a registration packet and meet with a representative in the Student Activities and Advocacy Office to confirm that all paperwork is complete. 
  • Have at least six currently registered COM students as members. 
  • Officers must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be currently enrolled in one course. 
  • Have an advisor who is a COM employee (faculty or staff member). 
  • Submit a Constitution.

Students who want to reactivate a returning club must: 

  • Submit a completed "Club Renewal" form by the end of the first full month in each semester. 
  • Have at least six currently registered COM students as members. 
  • Officers must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and five units. 
  • Have an advisor who is a COM employee (faculty or staff member). 

Current Clubs

Academic Honors 

Alpha Gamma Sigma
Promotes scholarships for qualifying students and encourages community involvement, qualified membership will be noted on the official transcript.
Contact: Andrea ( - Advisor), David ( - Advisor), Trine (, or Facebook

Honors Society (Inactive)
Promotes scholarships for qualifying students and encourages community involvement.
Contact: Rachel ( - Advisor), Sarah ( - Advisor)

Arts and Entertainment 

COM Funky Jams Club 
To establish an inclusive musical community.
Contact: Trevor ( - Advisor)

Cheerleading Club (Inactive)
Promotes schools spirit and performance.  Contact:

Club Metals (Inactive)
Allows students to work between classes to raise money, share ideas, and bring in guest lecturers.  

Club Mud
Promotes the advancement of skills and appreciation of the art of ceramics.
Contact: Jason ( - Advisor)

Dance Club
To bring the joys of dance to the COM student body.
Contact: Scott ( Advisor)

Drama Club
Promotes participation in activities that enrich student's understanding and appreciation of the theater experience.
Contact: Lisa ( - Advisor)

Film Club (Inactive)
To create and develop a community of students that enjoy the creation and critique of cinematic content.  More information can be found at
Contact: Ron ( - Advisor or - Club email).

Inky Fingers
To collect donated student prints each semester to be sold at our annual Fall sale to buy studio supplies.
Contact: Daria ( - Advisor)

Modern Entertainment in a Media Enhance Society (M.E.M.E.S.) (Inactive)
Provide students with the opportunity to merge academia with the realm of social media.
Contact: Scott ( - Advisor)

Performing & Media Arts Club
To aid growing visual and performing artists in generating new creative works.
Contact: Ron ( - Advisor)

Philosophy Club
To faciliatate the free exchange of philosophical ideas.
Contact: John ( - Advisor)

Sculpture Club (Inactive)
Providing students materials, tools, and supplies for sculpting and casting.
Contact: Patricia ( - Advisor)

Tennis Club (Inactive)
For students who want to play tennis for fun.
Contact: Radica ( - Advisor)

COM Chess Club (Inactive)
Helps raise funds for the dance department and assists with dance concerts, the center, and special projects.
Contact: Henry ( - Advisor)

COM Virtual Reality (Inactive)
For students who are interested in the world of virtual reality.
Contact: Mia ( - Advisor)

Cultural/Ethnic/Population Specific Interest 

Care First (Inactive)
To encourage support for a community of individuals who provide care for people with disabilities.
Contact: Stormy ( - Advisor)

Helping Hands (Inactive)
A community of support for parent-students at the College of Marin.
Contact: Allyson ( - Advisor)

Latino Students United
Promotes and celebrates Latinx identity and cultures.
Contact: Contact: Luz ( - Advisor)

Muslim Student Association 
To encourage both Muslim and non-Muslim COM community members to evolve intellectually, pysically, and spiritually.
Contact: Ferhat ( - Advisor)

Puente (Academic based)
A Latino Interest Learning Community tied to academic success, graduation, and transfer.
Contact: Luz ( - Faculty)

Umoja (Academic based)
An African American Interest Learning Community tied to academic success, graduation, and transfer.
Contact: Troy ( - Faculty)


Environmental Action Club
Works to increase the environmental awareness of IVC and COM students and manages the recycling program. 
Contact: Joe ( - Advisor

National Parks Club (Inactive)
Works to increase awareness and involvement in National Parks.

Contact: Rachel ( - Advisor)

Sustainability Club
Promotes student learning opportunities on topics related to sustainability, nationally and international, and to foster student interactions on campus.
Contact: Fernando Agudelo-Silva ( - Advisor)  

Gender Interest 

Rainbow Alliance (Inactive)
Promotes communication, understanding, and acceptance among people of different gender identities and sexual orientations.  


Dental Assisting (Inactive)
Raises funds for the Dental Assisting Program through various activities.

Student Nurses Association
Promotes recruitment and participation in community affairs and donation of time towards community health care.
Contact: Molly ( - Advisor)

Political and Social Action  

Students 4 Social Justice
An inclusive, democratic organization of COM students that promotes progressive change through economic, environmental, and social justice.
Contact: Susan ( - Advisor)

The Model United Nation Club (MUN)
To create awareness and generate dialogue within our community about the mission and activities of the United Nations.
Contact: Paul ( - Advisor)

Professional and Workforce Development 

Association of Peer Tutors
To create community among students, tutors and the Tutoring Center.  Contact:

COM Collegiate Entrepeurs Organization (C.E.O.)
To inform, support, and inspire students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunities through enterprise creation.
Contact: Nancy ( - Advisor)

Computer Science Club (Inactive)
Allows students to participate in programming projects in a casual manner while learning the foundational concepts of computer science.
Contact: Erik ( - Advisor)

Engineers Society (Inactive)
Designs and builds projects as a team and expand student's interest in creativity.
Contact: Maaz (

Literary Magazine Club/Looking Glass Quarterly
Collect and publish creative works from COM students and faculty.
Contact: Club email 

Marin Circuitry Club (M.C.C.) (Inactive)
Inspired by the Maker movement, MCC will allow students to participate in engineering projects in a casual manner.
Contact: Mike (Mjones@marin.eduAdvisor)

Stock and Business Club (Inactive)
Introduce COM Students into the world of business by teaching the basics of investing and analysis
Contact: Nancy ( - Advisor)

Transfer Club
Promote awareness of the Transfer Program among COM students.
Contact: Sofia ( - Advisor)

Veterans Association Club (Inactive)
To support veterans by connecting them to resources, creating a community and helping them transition into college life.
Contact: Marijke ( - Advisor)

For more information or questions, please contact