Makeup Testing

All Makeup testing is directed through the COM Test Proctoring Center.

Students must contact their instructors directly if needing to take a makeup test at the center.

  • After an instructor has determined that a student has met the criteria for taking a makeup test, the instructor can then submit test materials and instructions securely to the Test Proctoring Center staff via their Faculty MyCOM Portal.
  • Instructors can find the Makeup Test Request Form in the MyCOMPortal — Employee section, under Miscellaneous — Employee-Only Forms.  
  • Instructors should submit a completed application containing a copy of the test and instructions to the testing staff via the Portal link at least two working days before the exam is to be taken.
  • Once the Makeup test has been sent to the Test Proctoring Center, the instructor may notify their student to make an appointment by emailing:

The Test Proctoring Center staff will not test students without appointments. Drop-ins are not permitted.  

Students must have their College of Marin student number (M00#) and provide a photo identification to the Test Proctoring Center staff (driver’s license, student ID card, etc.). Students without photo ID at the time of testing will not be allowed to test. 

The Test Proctoring Center staff do not grade, assess, advise or otherwise assist students beyond providing test directions, test proctoring, and enforcing test restrictions as specified by the instructor.

Completed paper tests will be returned to the instructor via his/her mailbox in the mailroom AC 256 at the Kentfield Campus, or sent to Indian Valley Campus via daily campus courier.

Test proctoring and makeup testing services are scheduled only as space and time allow.

General Hours of Operation (may be subject to change):

Monday: 9 am — 4 pm
Tuesday: 9 am — 4 pm
Wednesday: 9 am — 5:30 pm
Thursday: 9 am — 4 pm
Friday: 9 am — 2 pm

Criteria for Makeup Test Taking

Makeup exams may be given at the discretion of each instructor. Instructors may want to include the criteria regarding makeup exams in their syllabi. In the event that a student misses an exam due to one of the below reasons and the instructor cannot administer the makeup exam, it may be scheduled to be taken at the Test Proctoring Center:

  • Medical issues
  • Death in family/funeral
  • Serious injury/injury of/caring for a student’s immediate family
  • Accident involving the student, her/his family or their property
  • An urgent situation imposed upon a student over which s/he has no control
  • Students needing to reschedule a test or examination due to religious observance(s), pursuant to AP 5070.

Once the test expiration date set by the instructor has passed, the student must contact the instructor again to authorize any extension of the original test deadline. 

The Test Proctoring Center can be found on the 1st floor of the Student Services Center (SS 115-117).

Please direct any questions to:

Xenia Zarrehparvar
SAS Support Services Coordinator
Office: Student Services Center (SS), Room 119
Phone: (628) 234-7706