Makeup Testing

The Assessment and Testing Center proctors makeup tests for students with instructor's approval. 
Makeup tests are a service provided to faculty if space and time allow.

Procedure to Schedule Makeup Exams

  1. At least 2 working days in advance of the exam, the Instructor provides the MAKEUP EXAM INSTRUCTOR REQUEST FORM and all exam materials (including time allowed for a test, materials allowed, etc.) to the Testing Center.

    a) The form and exam materials can be placed in our ‘Assessment and Testing’ mailbox, dropped off in person (SS 235) or emailed to
    b) One form can be used for multiple students taking the same exam.
    c) Testing staff need to know the student’s name and the time limit for an exam in order to schedule the appointment accordingly.
  2. Student schedules the appointment with the Testing Center by phone, email or in person. Testing staff administer the exam according to the instructor's directions.
  3. Completed tests will be returned to the instructor’s mailbox at the Kentfield campus mailroom unless other arrangements are made in advance.


  • For a student to schedule a makeup test, the Assessment and Testing Center must FIRST receive the exam and instructions from the instructor.
  • Students need a College of Marin student number (M00######) to schedule an appointment.
  • Students must present a valid photo ID (driver’s license, student ID card, passport, etc.) to take the makeup exam.
  • Students who do not present a photo ID at the scheduled test date will not be allowed to test but asked to reschedule.
  • The Assessment and Testing Center staff do not grade, assess, advise, or otherwise assist students with tests beyond providing test directions, test proctoring, and enforcing test restrictions specified by the instructor. 
  • Students may be asked to leave certain items outside the testing room. This may include cell phones, smart watches, textbooks, notes, etc.

Makeup Recommended Criteria

Makeup exams may be given at the discretion of each instructor and faculty may want to include criteria regarding makeup exams in their syllabi. Per AP 5070, provisions shall be made to accommodate students to reschedule a test or examination for a day that does not violate the student’s religious creed. In addition to religious holidays, faculty may allow makeup exams in the following situations:

  • Medical issues
  • Death in family/funeral
  • Serious injury/injury of/caring for a student’s immediate family
  • Accident involving the student, her/his family or their property
  • An urgent situation imposed upon a student over which s/he has no control
  • Students with a critical need who have their instructor’s authorization to take a makeup exam

In the event that a student misses an exam due to one of the aforementioned reasons and the instructor cannot administer the makeup exam, it may be scheduled at the Assessment and Testing Center as space and time allow.