Welcome to Student Accessibility Services (SAS), formerly Disabled Student Programs and Services. Our philosophy and mission is to ensure an accessible and welcoming environment for individuals with documented disabilities while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations.

SAS at College of Marin provides equal access to education to students with a wide range of permanent and temporary disabilities including learning disabilities, chronic health conditions, psychological disabilities, acquired brain injuries as well as mobility, vision, and hearing impairments.

All continuing SAS students must request accommodations in advance of each semester. All continuing students must also meet with their counselor at least once each semester.
In order to provide you with the timely services, please submit any furniture or interpreting requests to our office before the start of each semester.

Please be advised that all testing services require five (5) to seven (7) working days’ advance notice from the exam date. SAS requires faculty or instructor authorization to set or change any exam time or date.

Faculty and Instructors: Please send all exams to sastesting @ marin.edu to ensure prompt and secure delivery of any and all testing materials. Visit our Faculty Resources page for more information.

Please, take a minute and use the navigation on the left to browse all of our available resources online or click this link to get started.