English Placement Process

(1) Recommended Placement by High School GPA


High School GPA and Requirements

Recommended Placement

Transfer Level

0.0 — 2.6

ENGL 150
with ENGL 150C


≥ 2.6

ENGL 150


Refresh and Build English Skills

HUM 101


ENGL 120*




  * Transfer to CSU only for elective credit

Please read the English course descriptions for more details.

Students who do not remember or have access to their high school transcripts can use guided self-placement for English

(2) Placement by Exams

If you have taken any of the following exams, it may improve your placement level. Please consult with us before proceed further.

  • Previous scores for College of Marin Accuplacer placement tests (no longer offered)
  • Scores from valid approved placement tests taken at other two-year California community colleges
  • An Advanced Placement (AP) score of 3 or higher for English Language and Composition (see the catalog for the Advanced Placement Chart for College of Marin Credit)
  • A qualifying SAT score in English 
  • Valid 11th grade Early Assessment Program (EAP) results that satisfy placement conditions:
    • Standard Exceeded score on CAASPP for English
    • C or better in approved 12th grade English course and Standard Met score on CAASPP for English

(3) Prerequisite Equivalency  

Completion of an equivalent course at College of Marin or another post-secondary accredited institution in the subject area (verified by a transcript)