To maintain the general welfare of the college community, the College of Marin upholds the Standards of Conduct (Board Policy 5500) to which every student is expected to adhere. The College of Marin works to create a healthy and safe environment where students can study, work, and feel that they are a part of a thriving community that treats each other with respect, courtesy, and dignity.

Students are accountable and responsible for their own actions and students who violate the Standards of Conduct are subject to Student Discipline and Due Process (Administrative Process 5520). The College views the process as a learning opportunity that can result in growth through personal reflection and an understanding of one’s responsibilities and privileges within the college community.

For a complete description of the Standards of Student Conduct see BP 5500.

For a complete description of the Student Discipline and Due Process see AP 5520.

About Us

Student Activities and Advocacy is committed to facilitating learning that complements students’ academic goals while cultivating opportunities to empower and strengthen student participation in the life, governance, and success of the College.

We aim to provide learning that supports and reflects our diverse student population. Through active engagement in campus activities and the student standards of conduct, students will enhance their critical thinking and communications skills, their social, cultural, and intellectual interactions, as well as, better understand their responsibility for oneself and the community.

Academic Integrity Response Guide

Click the Link above to access the Academic Integrity Response Guide which includes an overview of student and faculty rights and responsibilities specifically related to Academic Integrity, as well as a description of the process through which Academic Integrity cases are managed, and example letters and templates. This is in accordance with Board Policy 5500 "Standards of Student Conduct."