The College of Marin Child Development Program provides high-quality early education for preschool age children. 

Children’s centers are located on the Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses. The programs provide an enriching preschool environment during fall and spring semesters.  

The Child Development Programs serve as demonstration classrooms that annually provide child observation, research and practicum opportunities, student teacher training, and Work Study jobs for more than 500 College of Marin students who are taking courses in Early Childhood Education, Pediatric Nursing, Child Psychology/Human Development, Behavioral Science, and related fields.

Our Goals

  • To provide a high-quality early education experience for all children and families.
  • To create an environment where children feel safe, respected, and cared for.
  • To offer a rich learning environment that encourages children’s natural curiosity and supports them to take risks that lead to new skill development.
  • To support children and families while parents achieve their vocational goals.
  • To be a model program where college students learn effective teaching strategies, observation skills, and reflective practices.

Our Philosophy

The College of Marin Children’s Center is committed to providing an early education model of excellence for children, their families, and the greater community. The program is run by a group of highly skilled, well-trained professionals who understand the developmental needs of young children. The goal of the curriculum is to support children’s inquiry and provide many concrete experiences that will help children build skills in all areas of development: language, social, emotional, cognitive and physical. A balanced routine of structured and unstructured exploration time is designed to meet the varying needs of all children. All children can reach their maximum potential when they are given time and support to learn about themselves and the world around them.