What We Offer

Drop-in Tutoring

No appointment necessary. Available for almost all academic subjects. During the tutoring sessions there may be one or more students with you.

Learning Resources Center 160 at Kentfield have designated areas for drop-in tutoring as well as areas where students can study independently. Several computers are available to registered students for tutor tutoring related activities and academic work.

Drop-in tutoring at the Indian Valley Campus takes place in Building 27.

Computer Lab

The TLC is equipped with computers for your academic courses and tutoring related needs. Available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Study Groups

Tutor facilitated study groups for four or more students in the same course subject can be established by student request. Upon availability, your group will be provided with a tutor and a private room for a one to two hour session per week.

Cram Jam

Once a semester (before finals week) the TLC will be open on a Saturday from 11:00am-4:00pm for all students who would like to get a cram session in before they take their finals. Math tutors are provided all day for drop-in session. All other subjects are provided per request.

Online Tutoring Sessions

We offer online tutoring sessions per request. Please contact us for more info.