University Representative Appointments

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Representatives from CSU, UC, in-state private, and out-of-state colleges and universities visit COM Transfer Center to meet with prospective transfer students interested in applying to their institution. To schedule an appointment with a university representative, please get in touch with COM Transfer Center or follow the links below.

University of California




UC Berkeley

General Transfer:

Alfred Dion Medina

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Haas School of Business

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UC Davis Nancy Gomez

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UC Irvine Isabella Vergara Collas Schedule an appointment
UC Los Angeles LaWanda Bains

UCLA Representative LaWanda Bains Appointment Page

UC Merced Sheila Xiong

UC Reverside representative appointment page

UC Riverside  

UC San Diego Kris Livingston

UC San Diego representative Kris Livingston Appointment page

UC Santa Barbara Jessica Mora



UC Santa Cruz Joseph DePage

University of California Santa Cruz representative Renee Sharp Appointments   

California State University


Cal Maritime

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Cal State East Bay

Marc Strong

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Humboldt State University

Chelsea Mooney

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San Francisco State University

Lucion Armani Fuller


San Jose State University

Marlene Perez

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Sonoma State University

Hannah Eunice


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Private/ Out of State Universities



Dominican University of California Antonia Pettit

Dominican University representative Robert Bassin Appointment Page

Grand Canyon University Aaron Russell

Grand Canyon University representative Aaron Russell Appointment page

St. Mary's College of California Memphis Latchison

St. Mary's College of California representative Memphis Latchison Appointment page

University of Oregon Loretta Felix

University of Oregon Representative Loretta Felix Appointment Page

University of Redlands

Perla Ramos

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University of San Francisco Alexander Torres

University of San Francisco transfer admission appointment page

University of Southern California Transfer Ambassador

University of Southern California Transfer Ambassador appointment page

Computer Science

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