Social Science Majors

Please note: Contacting the academic or major department directly will be best in trying to get answers to many of these specific questions. 

Questions listed below may pertain to Communications, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Ethnic and Gender Studies, Public Administration, and Education, among others. For more suggested questions that are specific to your major, stop by the Transfer and Career Center.

  1. Are there study abroad programs integrated with the major?
  2. What special concentrations or emphases are there for my major? Is there flexibility within the program of study so that I can tailor my major to fit my interests best?
    • Are there advisors who assist students in designing their areas of concentration?
  3. Does the university have a graduate program related to my major?
  4. Where do faculty members conduct their research?
    • What are some of their more popular research projects?
  5. Is there a capstone project, thesis, or independent study project?
  6. What internship opportunities are there related to my major? Research opportunities?
  7. What activities are provided to allow those studying the major to bond as a unified group?
  8. Are there any notable alums?
  9. What types of employers visit campus to recruit (internships or full time employment) for this major?
  10. Are there any professional organizations related to the major that students can join? And/or, are there student organizations on campus related to the major?
  11. Does the program have any professional accreditations?
  12. Is the major program integrated with a graduate program so students may earn their BA and MA or credential?