Business Majors

Please note: Contacting the academic or major department directly will be best in trying to get answers to many of these specific questions. 

For more suggested questions that are specific to your major, stop by the Transfer and Career Center.

  1. Does the program encourage internships?
  2. Is the course work primarily applied (analysis-based) or conceptual (theory based)?
  3. Are master’s degree programs integrated with bachelor’s degree programs (five year BA+MA)?
  4. Does the program have any special professional accreditations?
  5. Do companies recruit on campus? Which ones? For which positions?
  6. Do the professors have professional experience in the subjects they are teaching?
  7. Do the professors teach part time and work full time in the industry?
  8. If not, how do they keep current with changes in the field?
  9. How long has the major been offered at this college?
  10. What do students typically pursue after graduation, graduate school or employment?
  11. What types of employment opportunities to graduates typically find?
  12. Do students double major? If so, in which two?
  13. What is a common minor for students studying this major?