Arts and Humanities Majors

Suggested Questions – Arts and Humanities Majors

Please note:
Contacting the academic or major department directly will be best in trying to get answers to many of these specific questions. 

Questions listed below may pertain to English, Literature, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Languages, Religion, visual and performing arts, among others. For more suggested questions that are specific to your major, stop by the Transfer and Career Center.

  1. What are the opportunities to study across disciplines? Create a multidisciplinary major?
  2. Does the major program have any special or professional accreditations?
  3. Does the program have a special concentration or emphasis?
  4. What internships are available? What are the opportunities to conduct research?
  5. Is there opportunity to showcase one’s work in contests, journals, galleries, performances, etc.?
  6. What access do students have to resources and equipment for the major (studios, galleries, music rooms, special libraries, language labs, special software, etc.)?
  7. Is a senior thesis or other senior project required?
  8. Is there a student club on campus related to this major?
    If so, do they host any special events or activities related to the major?
  9. Does the major program offer special activities such as workshops, conferences, and seminars?
  10. Do the professors teaching only in this specific discipline, or do they teach in other areas as well?
  11. What kinds of connections does the major department have with community art centers, museums, historical societies, etc.?
  12. Are there study abroad programs integrated with the major?
  13. Is there an opportunity to take small classes (fewer than 20) or participate in seminars?
  14. How many students are in the major? What is the average class size? For upper division and lower division classes?
  15. Do the professors have professional experience in the subjects they teach?
  16. What are recent graduates of the program doing now?
  17. Is a portfolio, audition, or performance necessary for admission?
  18. Is there a graduate program on campus related to this major?