Student Learning Outcomes

The department educates and facilitates students' problem solving ability so that students become self-directed and responsible for making informed educational, career, and personal decisions.

Global Counseling

The counseling process will enhance students' knowledge of campus policies, procedures, and resources and enable students to function more autonomously in academic and institutions and in life.

Educational/Academic Counseling

New students will identify college resources, procedures, and policies that support their academic success. The student will be able to make critical decisions about their academic decisions based on accurate and timely information provided by the Counseling Department.

Career Counseling

The student will be able to use the online resources to conduct labor market research, explore relevant college majors, and compare and contrast academic programs and universities. The student will assess and organize personal infomation about their values, interests, skills, and work styles which will enable them to select a college major or career to investigate independently.

Personal Counseling

Each student will receive professional counseling in the identification of educational goals, choice of courses, assistance with academic and/or personal difficulties, leading to their retention and academic success.

Counseling is a process that considers the whole person.

Counselors are trained to use skills, techniques, interventions, logic and intuition to help an individual integrate the areas of his/her life situation in a meaningful way. As a result, the person is often better able to make decisions and set goals that lead to successful college and life experiences. Counselors use their training to help students develop in four critical areas:

  • Making appropriate and successful educational decisions.
  • Setting realistic career goals.
  • Adjusting to one's changing role in society.
  • Resolving personal concerns that may interfere with the ability to succeed in one's college or personal life.
  • College of Marin Counseling Department provides essential support services to a diverse student population by offering an array of programs, classes and counseling assistance.

The Counseling faculty and staff make every effort to ensure transfer, assist in career exploration and provide assistance with personal concerns.