Internship Requirements Checklist

Participation in the Internship Program will ensure that you get the most out of your internship experience

How students benefit

  • Development and achievement of specific and measureable learning objectives related to your career goals
  • Participation in a .5 credit course designed to build your professionalism skills
  • Access to a COM faculty member who can serve as a resource
  • Your internship will be documented on your college transcript

Considering an internship?  Make sure you have done the following:

  1. Declared a major:  If you haven't already declared a major, make an appointment to meet with a counselor by calling 415-485-9432 or online through MyCOM 
  2. Met with a counselor and have a student education plan
  3. Completed at least one semester in college
  4. Taken at least 1 or 2 classes related to your major
  5. Determined that you have 10-15 hours/week during the semester to devote to an internship
  6. Identified at least one professor or supervisor who can speak on your behalf and is familiar with your academic work and career interests (you’ll need to provide names and contact details)
  7. Determined that you have the availability to enroll and actively participate in an internship course

If you meet all requirements for starting an internship, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Register with Handshake, our online job and internship board.

STEP 2: Identify internships that are of interest to you.  If you don’t see internships in your career of interest, the Internship Coordinator can help you with your search.

STEP 3: Develop a résumé and cover letter.  Follow this link  for resources on getting started.*

STEP 4: Meet with the Internship Coordinator in the Transfer and Career Center.

STEP 5: Sign up for Counseling 135 & 136.

* If you need help with your résumé and cover letter, the College of Marin Online Writing Center (OWC) can help!   Need help finding an internship?  Make an appointment with the Internship Coordinator:

Academic Credit

Enroll in Counseling 135 & 136:  Counseling 135 is a .5 unit course.  To earn credit for hours completed at your internship, sign up for Counseling 136. Credit options for internships are based on the number of hours you complete during the semester. 

Unpaid internships:

For 60 hours of internship/semester =1 unit
For 120 hours of internship =2 units
For 180 hours of internship =3 units

Paid internships:

For 75 hours of internship/semester =1 unit
For 150 hours of internship =2 units
For 225 hours of internship =3 units