What are my responsibilities as an intern?

  1. To be regular in attendance and on time to your assigned internship.  To notify your supervisor if you will be late or absent.
  2. To respond to e-mail and phone communication from your site supervisor, faculty, and internship coordinator in a timely manner.
  3. To conform to the regulations of the organization in which you are working.
  4. To notify the College of Marin Internship Coordinator should any problems or concerns related to your internship arise.
  5. To complete all assignments and any additional responsibilities to the best of your ability.
  6. To complete the internship commitment.
  7. To obtain a background check, fingerprinting and/or vaccinations (if applicable), as required by the internship site.

What are College of Marin's responsibilities?

  1. Meet face to face with students to assess their interest and readiness for an internship.
  2. Orient the student intern to the goals and the general rules and policies of College of Marin’s internship program.
  3. Assign a faculty member to serve as the point of contact for the student intern and supervisor for all concerns and inquiries related to the internship.
  4. Maintain on going communication with the internship supervisor and student to ensure that both have appropriate support.

What are the internship supervisor's responsibilities?

As an internship supervisor, you are taking on the important responsibility of coaching students providing an environment in which they will hone their professionalism skills as well as skills specific to their career interests.    Internship supervisors agree to provide or comply with the following:

  1. An internship job description and goals that constitute a learning experience for the student;
  2. Provide the student with a safe, professional environment conducive to learning;
  3. Provide the student an orientation to the organization;
  4. Assist students in identifying, developing, and achieving job-related learning objectives:
  5. Day-to-day supervision/mentoring of the student;
  6. Assessment and feedback to the College of Marin Internship Coordinator, as requested, including the Intern Evaluation provided by the College of Marin for use at the end of the internship;
  7. Notification at any time to the COM Internship Coordinator if work performance is unsatisfactory or there are any problems with the placement;
  8. Compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to School-Related Programs

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