UC Berkeley Rep Appointments


Ever wondered about life as a Cal Bear? Well, now's your chance to dive into the UC Berkeley experience without leaving College of Marin!


Mark your calendars for April 9th, because a UC Berkeley representative is making a pit stop at our campus. 


From 10 AM to 1:30PM, you'll have the chance to snag a 20-minute personal session with the campus rep. It's like a speed date with your academic future! 


All students (even those who are a few years away from transferring) are welcome to make an appointment. Don't be nervous about meeting with a rep - they are very friendly and non-judgmental, and they want to meet YOU! Appointments with reps are a great place to learn about admissions requirements, financial aid, how to boost your application, or even to ask questions to determine if the campus is a right fit for you. 


To make an appointment: Use this Link

Appointments are scheduled to be in person. If you would prefer a virtual meeting on this date, please email the UC Berkeley representative (admedin3@berkeley.edu)