Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Workshop


Nothing feels better than getting a guaranteed acceptance at UC. Which is exactly what TAG offers, at any one of six UC campuses!! Join us for the TAG Workshop and learn about the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program, your key to a seamless transition to a University of California institution.



During this workshop, you will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the TAG program and its benefits.
  • Learn about the eligibility criteria and how to successfully navigate the TAG process.
  • Receive insights into selecting the right UC campus and major for your academic goals.
  • Get hands-on assistance with the TAG application process.

Our experienced advisors will be on hand to answer your questions and guide you through the steps to increase your chances of securing a spot at the UC campus of your choice.

Don't miss this opportunity to demystify the TAG process and set yourself on the path to a guaranteed transfer admission. Whether you're considering TAG or in the process of applying, this workshop is a valuable resource to help you plan your academic future.


To RSVP, please email