Policies and Forms

Maintaining Eligibility

  • Complete a minimum of 3 counseling appointments each semester
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) each semester
  • Take any placement tests prescribed by the college during the first semester of acceptance into the program
  • Have an updated student education plan (SEP) on file through the upcoming semester
  • Completed no more than 70 units of degree applicable coursework in any combination of post-secondary higher education institutions
  • Students will become ineligible for the program if they receive all non-progress grades in a semester (I, W, NP).

Appeal Process

  • Students who fail to maintain eligibility for the program have the right to appeal by completing the Appeal Form and turning this form into the EOPS Director prior to or by the deadline date.
  • Note that a student may only appeal one time per eligibility factor. In other words, if a student’s GPA is below 2.0 in the fall semester and they submit an appeal that is accepted, they would not be able to appeal again if their GPA were below 2.0 in the following spring semester.

Three Mandatory Counseling Appointments

  • First appointment must be with an EOPS or SAS counselor only
  • Mandatory counseling appointments can occur up to a month before the start of the semester, and up to two weeks after the end of the semester
  • Meetings with paraprofessional staff (EOPS Specialist, Coordinator, or Director) can count towards your second mandatory appointment.  A counseling appointment with an SAS counselor can also be counted towards one of the three mandatory appointments. However, appointments with any other counselors will not count towards this requirement
  • Students who miss two appointments in a semester without notifying the office in advance of cancellation, will only be allowed to make same day appointments

Attendance at another College

  • New EOPS students who have attended any other institute of higher education before coming to College of Marin must notify EOPS staff at the time of orientation and provide unofficial transcripts before acceptance into the program. 
  • An official transcript is required prior to the end of the first semester in the program

Failure to disclose attendance at another institute of higher education will result in immediate and permanent disqualification from the EOPS program at College of Marin.

Progress Report Form

Students are strongly encouraged to complete a Progress Report Form during midterms each semester.  The purpose of this form is to provide students with feedback on their academic performance while there is still time to make decisions and impact the final grade.  In order to receive credit for this requirement, completed progress reports must be reviewed and approved by an EOPS counselor and/or staff member.

EOPS Lending Library

Students that borrow books from the EOPS Lending Library must complete and sign the EOPS Text Book Lending Agreement.  By signing the agreement, students are agreeing to return the book to the library by the last day of finals week of the current semester and will reimburse the EOPS program for the full amount needed to replace the book, should the book fail to be returned or is returned in poor condition.