Math Jam

FREE one-week intensive math preparation program designed to:

  • Prepare students for their upcoming Math 95, Math 101, or Math 103 course
  • Prepare students to retake the Math placement test

Fall 2018 Math Jam - Kentfield Campus 

August 2018
More details to come...


Mandatory attendance required for all days.

Placement test retakes available for all Math Jam participants on the Saturday after Math Jam. 


The Math Jam Program offers the opportunity for College of Marin students to prepare for Math 95, Math 101, or Math 103 in the subsequent semester or to possibly improve their placement level in Mathematics. The goal of Math Jam is to help students complete their Associate Degree and/or transfer requirements for a 4-year college/university in less time than previously possible. 



  •  Be better prepared to pass Math 95, Math 101, or Math 103
  •  Potential to improve math placement level
  •  Free food
  •  Supportive instructors and tutors
  •  It’s FREE

Questions and information, contact:
Andrea Wang
Math Jam Coordinator